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Marcus A. York

In addition to acting, my love for writing has garnered me a Certificate of Creative Excellence from ABC Television President, Alex Wallau, for my original TV series, "Fortune, Mass.," in their Talent Development Program (with writer Randy Schultz); Quarter-Finalist in SCRIPTAPALOOZA for my "Fortune, Mass." (with writer Randy Schultz); and Semi-Finalist in SCRIPTAPALOOZA for my NYPD Blue spec script, "Vengeance Is Mine."

I hope you find something you'll enjoy...

Sands of Time When modern-day science begins to thaw out those bodies cryonically-suspended, we inadvertently begin creating a society of soul-less beings. Having already died, their souls have left their bodies and they can no longer differentiate between right and wrong.

*Regarding "Sands of Time," the feature script will begin with multiple, seemingly-irrational murders by varied individuals (e.g., Don Brandon, who is highlighted in the short script; a professional female on Wall Street, who murders a fellow stockbroker for stealing a lucrative client; etc.). As the murders and story unfold, a detective will be assigned to the cases. One who is, unknowingly, a cryonic "re-birth" himself. Ultimately, he's shocked to find that his street shooting years earlier, which supposedly left him in a coma, actually left him in a frozen state as well.

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Pele & Lester A fish-out-of-water dramedy about a hapless East Indian man's life-long dream to come to the United States, work on a modern-day ranch, and "become" a cowboy. The seed was planted early on in childhood when his uncle smuggled John Wayne films into his homeland.

Therapist Dr. Craig Ross is a psychiatrist. A self-proclaimed relationship expert and sex therapist. He has a private practice. He has a wife and kids. And he has his favorite female victims he enjoys manipulating. But with Vickie, he's now messed with the wrong, vengeful, psychotic woman. Now the predator, she retaliates.

For years while growing up, Vickie painfully endured her father sexually molesting her. After her father's untimely death, by "accident," and her learning of her father's and Dr. Ross' founding of their collegiate sex club, Vickie continues to exact revenge on members of "the club" with her deep-seeded and hatefully-displaced emotions. Or does she? Vickie's sister and mother may also be involved.

For Love of Country (Documentary)

Printed onscreen:

"A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers..."

~John F. Kennedy

For Love of Country focuses on the sacrifices of American servicemen and women (their loss of limbs and loss of mobility due to paralysis). As a result, many of these soldiers have lost their jobs and their livelihood. A second focus is the many veterans in VA hospitals, who have unmet medical needs and poor health care. The sacrifices of these people, and their unmet job-related and medical needs, are contrasted by the wasteful spending of Senators, Congress persons, and those with power in the American government who could, if they'd so choose, take care of those who have sacrificed...'for love of country.'

Fortune, Mass. (Television Series) Co-written with Randy Schultz

The town you'll visit again and again...

"Fortune, Mass." is not a show about money. It's a story about the riches of life. About people with dreams, with problems, with the whole range of human emotions. People who try to carve their own unique niches in a small New England community where neighbors lend a helping hand and doors are still kept unlocked, but where no one is safe from town gossip.

Above all, the people of Fortune, Mass. are individualists who stand on principles, though a few don't mind bending them at times. This quaint pocket of southwestern Massachusetts, with its family-owned businesses, woebegone high school basketball team and its eclectic mixture of plotters and plodders all looking for a small bit of contentment, depicts small-town values in modern America in ways that are both amusing and poignant. Blending the aesthetic, village feel of "Northern Exposure," and the tavern camaraderie of "Cheers," with a dose of chowder-flavored "Andy Griffith" thrown in, "Fortune, Mass." vividly, and sometimes humorously, conveys the complexities of the human spirit.

Into this close-knit environment come the BLAYLOCKS ~from Chicago, an African-American family that includes Dr. Anthony Blaylock, his no-nonsense hospital administrator wife, Kimberly, and their two young children. The Blaylocks sense an estrangement with the rest of the local folk from the moment they first drive into town. Is it real or perceived? On top of that, the good doctor can't find another Cubs fan within miles of this rabid Red Sox outpost.

The Haunting of Bear's Mill Two hundred years ago, after the settling of the American colonies -- of what would later become known as the state of Ohio, tucked away in the rural backwoods and otherwise peaceful countryside, a bear was killed while mauling a woman to death. The spirit of the bear entered the woman's body. In mourning, the man who loved her ---and killed the bear--- fashioned together a bear claw necklace from the kill, with the woman's pearl necklace, and cast it into the river by the mill as a cleansing process.

For generations, the locals have managed to keep the tragedy a secret...until now. While fishing in the stream that runs by the mill, a father and son snag their hook on the bear claw necklace and pull it from the riverbed...unearthing the spirit of the woman. With the bear still "inside her," thirsting for blood, she's hellbent for revenge on the descendants of the men who chased her into the woods that fateful day.

Hell hath no fury like the ghost of a woman scorned.

Visit the real Bear's Mill at: www.bearsmill.com

Kinship Two women -identical twins. Many twins experience "Twinsense" -a heightened perception of the other's thoughts and experiences. One of the twins is murdered, leaving a passageway through death's door and a "channeling" of clues to the surviving sister for her and many others' murders.

Prey For Me Working Title: "Dr Jekyll And The Life He Hydes"

Everyone trusts their doctor. But doctors are people too. And people have immoral sides to them. Sides that propel obsessions into compulsions. Dr. Mike Collett is no exception...a self-serving, money-hungry, womanizing surgeon who cons younger wives into letting him "treat" their older husbands for his cut of the insurance money. But in the end, he gets 'just what the doctor ordered.'

Beyond The Pond (Feature Animation)

For thousands of years, unbeknownst to any human, there has lived a community of creatures - never before seen. Past the marshes, through the forests, before the edge of an unscalable cliff...just "Beyond the Pond."

Threatened with possible extinction, and discovery, due to the ever-dwindling rain forests and tree population, a little boy stumbles upon these oddities as he's wandered away from his family's campsite. The HERMLES are frightened at first, but soon warm to his wonderment and innocence. They 'take him in' for a day of play and enjoyment. Even within the HERMLE community, the boy experiences differences among the creatures...in colors, attitudes, and perspectives. But is amazed to find they work things out better than his own kind.

Time has passed, and the boy's father, a logger by trade, finally stumbles into the HERMLE'S mysterious world--looking for his son. What does he find? And how does it affect him, if at all? Will the HERMLES accept a more uncaring adult human? What will happen to him if they don't? And will it, ultimately, 'call him to action' relative to his career, or did he simply just want to retrieve his son and get out from "Beyond the Pond?"

Border War In the largest drug seizure in U.S. history, Texas Governor Mack Harrington's crackdown on cocaine traffic into his state has ignited a firestorm of hatred from the top Mexican drug cartel. During three simultaneous undercover stings, the Governor's special Drug Task Force recovered cocaine shipments totaling an estimated street value of one and a half billion dollars.

In retaliation, the cartel's Kingpin, Juan Carlo Sanchez, instructs a few of his men to kidnap the Governor's fifteen year old daughter, Lisa. They succeed, and bring her back to the outskirts of Mexico City. The message? The Governor can be gotten to, and needs to back off. The ultimatum? A trade of the Governor's daughter for the contents of the three seized shipments -within 24 hours- or she'll be 'gutted like a pig.'

Enter the Special Missions Unit, a three member mercenary team, led by Dillon--America's most elite soldier. Their mission? To rescue the Governor's daughter, by covert action, before the supposed trade, and...before she's executed.

Brother's Keeper For their entire lives, Jack Styles and Ming Lo have vehemently despised one another. The public disgrace and personal shame of Jack's American father seducing Ming's mother, leaving her pregnant with Jack and destroying Ming's family, had permanently skewed Ming's moral compass. The same mother was all these two shared, until a rival gang attacked and murdered her--due to Ming's early gangland corruption. To Ming, the loss was simply a "casualty of war." But that was China, and this is Chinatown...San Francisco--a city not quite big enough for the clash of these two forces.

At the age of thirty, Jack Styles has quickly risen through the ranks of the San Francisco Police Department to become one of the city's youngest detectives. Ming Lo, at thirty-five, has come to America for his cut of the American Dream--including wealth, power, and respect. After only a few short months, Ming and his associates have taken over the existing extortion racket, bullying every Chinatown business owner into paying them a percentage of their profits. Now, Ming is increasing his clientele by moving into white neighborhoods. People are dying, and businesses are BOOMING--rocked by the explosions of those who refuse payment. Ming must be stopped.

In a crescendo of pent-up emotion, now lasting two decades, Jack and Ming are pitted against one another in a violent showdown. Last brother standing wins...his life...and loses his last connection to his mother.