Marcus A. York

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates
11969 Ventura Blvd., 3rd Floor,
Box 7409
Studio City, CA 91604
FAX (818)755-7583
Ht.: 6'1"   
Wt.: 180   
Hr.: Drk Brn   
Eyes: Grn   
"Artificial Intelligence" Flesh Fair Steven Spielberg, Dir.
"Going All the Way" Soldier (scene w/ Ben Affleck) Mark Pellington, Dir.
"Profile" Corporal Jack K. Schurter Encopa Prods.
"The Haunting of Bear's Mill" John Cecil (lead) 4 Mile Productions
"Pretty People" Documentary (Personal Interview) Arika Yanaka, Dir.
"Jordan's River" Pastor Trae Williams (lead) Smile Films
"A Man In the Dark" J (lead) Ki Sung Lee, Dir.
"An Unchanged Melody" Tony Davis (lead) Greenleaf Street Prod.
"Fighting Words" Big Al (supporting) Paul Edwards, Dir.
"Wounded Rose" Mr. Allen (supporting) James Gardner, Dir.
"Inspiration Point" Marcus (lead) Rodney Mitchell, Dir.
"Snuff" Gangster/Boss (supporting) Pure Entertainment
"Park" Chess Player Mik Hamada, Dir.
"The Sick Sense" Patient (featured) Night Owl Films
"CSI:New York" Richard Keith (Guest Star) CBS/Jerry Bruckheimer
"The Office" Billy Merchant (Recurring) NBC
"The Office"("Casino Night," Season Finale) Billy Merchant (Guest Star) NBC
"The Office"("The Injury") Billy Merchant (Guest Star) NBC
"Mind of Mencia" Alvarez (Guest Star) Comedy Central
"8 Simple Rules..."("Daddy's Girl") Co-starring ABC
"Passions" Guest Star NBC
"6 Feet Under" Veteran (Soldier) HBO/GreenblattJanollari
"6 Feet Under" Church Member HBO
"Covert Action" Mack Harris (CIA Operative) Discovery Channel
"Courage" Mike Utley (NFL Star) Fox Family/44 Blue Prds.
"Time Of Your Life"          Spectator FOX/Keyser Lippman
"Oh, Grow Up" Marathon Racer ABC/GreenblattJanollari
AARP Businessman FRANKmedia
State Farm Insurance Basketball Player DDB/Biscuit
Verizon Crossing Guard V-12 Productions
AT&T Spectator HKM Productions
Secure Horizons Track Athlete FORM Prods.
Calif. Dept. of Energy Basketball Player Cyclone Productions
Bacons Holiday Traveler Videobred
Bacons Party Guest Videobred
St. Mary's Hospital Discharged Patient Videobred
RTA Bus Lines Passenger P.O.N. Production
Cincinnati Conv. Bureau Businessman Instant Replay
ABA Banking Customer Videobred
Lost In the Shuffle James Black, Dir. Byrum Hall
Stanislavsky-Uta Hagen-Comprehensive Tech./Laura Gardner (Instructor at Howard Fine Studios)
Cold Reading; On-camera Tech./James Beck
Character Study; Script Analysis/The Raven Group(college)
Collegiate triple major in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work.
Accent: Southern drawl (Tennessee/Kentucky)
Able to handle firearms, singer, able to blow smoke rings (cigars), basketball, darts,
tennis, bowling, swimming, boating, tubing.
Numerous marathons: Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, etc.
Owns and operates hand-controlled automobile (Dodge Magnum).
Have U.S. Passport.