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Marcus A. York

SCI cure   www.SCIcure.org

Founded in 1997 by Will Ambler, this non-profit organization is dedicated to curing paralysis for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Along with Dr. Levesque (at Cedars-Sinai and UCLA, both in Los Angeles) they are now ready for human clinical trials with non-embryonic (ie. non-controversial) stem cell material. All that's lacking is the funding.

Wheels for Humanity   www.ucpwheels.org

Founded in 1996 by David Richard, this non-profit organization is dedicated to meeting the mobility needs of individuals in underdeveloped areas of the world where they would, otherwise, be unable to afford the equipment.

Imagine being the woman dragging herself across the dirt street of her village by her elbows, because she's unable to walk. You may read her story here...and the variety of ways you may help.