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Marcus A. York

Marcus A. York has traveled down a variety of paths. But none more fulfilling than the one he's currently on. Born and raised in the small, rural town of Arcanum, Ohio, seventy miles north of Cincinnati, he has pursued every avenue that has piqued his interest.

Much of the motivation Marcus experienced stemmed from an almost fatal, life-changing auto accident, leaving him a paraplegic. With a new lease on life, he attained a triple major in Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work from Anderson University, Indiana, in four years. During his college years, at the urging of a friend, Marcus pursued the avenues of acting and modeling. Having always had an interest in the television and film industry, videos led him to commercials, which led to TV and film.

To sustain a balanced lifestyle, focused on mind, body, and spirit, the importance of staying fit with gym workouts and twenty-six mile marathons falls between Marcus' faith and his furthered education. Giving back, he has volunteered his services for Spinal Cord Research Foundation, The Red Cross, The United Way, March Of Dimes, acted as Chairman of The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of Darke County, Ohio, and was an Organ/Skin Tissue Donor Recruiter, and volunteer for the Christopher Reeve Foundation Fundraiser.

His love of travel comes second only to his love and gratitude toward his family. Marcus' parents, brothers, and grandparents have been a tremendous support and inspiration. They have helped in forming his confidence and free spirit, which has resulted in a completely independent lifestyle. One that, regardless of the wheels he uses, has taken him to Italy, France, Belgium, Monaco, more than forty of the American states, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and a stay in Puerto Rico for over a year. Marcus currently lives in Venice, CA and has appeared in numerous film and TV productions. As an actor, he's attempting to open the minds of casting directors, and others in Hollywood, to also see a wheelchair-user in real-life roles such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and such, because...well, they are. Several casting directors have indicated that what sets York apart most is not a pair of wheels, but his artistic ability. As a writer, his TV series ideas and feature film scripts are being considered by top Hollywood production companies as of this printing.